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The SAP App Center is the digital enterprise marketplace designed to deliver partner applications to 300,000+ SAP customers.

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Thinking about listing on the SAP App Center?

The SAP App Center is the only place where SAP partners can market and deliver their applications, add-in’s, and integration kits to 300,000+ SAP customers worldwide. Listing your app on SAP App Center enables you to:

  • Increase reach: The SAP sales force will help customers find your app, and help your app stand out. The SAP marketing team will help you optimize your listing and market your solution so you can reach a broader audience.
  • Harness the power of the SAP brand: Our customers trust in our brand and processes. By transacting on the SAP App Center, you can boost the confidence of your customers and encourage their investment decision.
  • Scale your business: Focus on what’s important – your customers – and let us worry about the infrastructure. With support for multiple users, global currencies, and a two-tier procurement system, the SAP App Center is designed to help you scale.

Become an SAP partner

SAP's complete portfolio of industry-leading solutions and award-winning partner program will help you win more customers and revenue to your existing business. Browse partnership opportunities for application developers and turn innovative technologies into new business opportunities:

SAP Application Development Partner Center


Looking for a PaaS? Develop apps on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is SAP's open platform as a service for developing modern cloud business apps. With comprehensive services and capabilities, SAP Cloud Platform is depended upon by the world's best developers to quickly build, extend and integrate business apps in the cloud. Learn more about SAP Cloud Platform and get started developing your first app today, for free.

SAP Cloud Platform Developer Center

Requirements to list on the SAP App Center

Requirements to list your app on the SAP App Center are simple. Step one, ensure you’re an approved SAP partner (if you’re interested in reading the specific terms and conditions, click here, Partners tab). Step two, pass the App Readiness Check. Please select the Application Readiness Check (ARC) that corresponds to your partner program below.

Application Readiness Check - PE Build   |   Application Readiness Check - Other

Create your app listing

Once you’ve passed the App Readiness Check, you’re ready to market and sell your application on the SAP App Center. Listing your app is entirely self-service and should take about one hour. Be sure to click publish when you’re finished, and then hang tight so a member of the SAP App Center team can review and approve your listing.

When considering what sort of content to add to your listing we recommend adding a land and expand set of pricing editions as it is an industry best practice, starting off with a small sale and working towards a large sale.  Proper use of the land and expand business strategy allows for easy initial acceptance of your product, which can lead towards a faster sale through a trial. In total we recommend 3 parts to the pricing edition:

Free trial: A trial edition of a product allows for all potential customers to test drive a product, this test drive a product before purchasing it. Who wants to buy something before they can experience it in action? The trial allows for a customer to experience a portion of what benefits the solution can bring to the customer, and allows for customers interest to deepen in the product.

Low priced starter edition: Once the trial edition of the product is completed the customer can then move on to the starter edition. A starter edition of a product has a lower barrier to entry, and allows for customers to use the product internally for a while and see how well multiple users inside of the company. Once the benefits of a solution have drawn enough attention, a full scale enterprise edition for the whole company is required.

If interested in transacting on the SAP App Center, please contact us.

Manage and maintain your listing

After you’ve listed your app, you may find yourself wondering, “Now what?”  Well, now comes the fun part. What you should do:

Manage your trials and leads

Each lead represents a business opportunity for you, so be sure to login to the SAP App Center and monitor leads and trials regularly. We recommend you respond to a lead or trial within two days to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Leads: Leads will show up in your the Publisher Dashboard as “assigned” to you and you will receive a notification that details the customer information. After retrieving the  prospect’s information and taking action, you should move the lead into the appropriate status (“accepted” while in progress, then “won, lost or denied” after completion). 

Trial Events: The trial provisioning of your instance may be manual or automatic. For a manual instance, you will have to set up the trial environment outside the SAP App Center and “resolve” the event in your Publisher Dashboard for the customer to be notified. When you trial is configured (using the SAP App Center APIs) to fire up automatically, there is nothing for you to do. In both cases, be sure to monitor the status of your prospects’ trials, ensure you follow up promptly, and answer all their questions to provide a great trial experience.

Whether you have a lead or a trial request, please keep the SAP App Center team apprised so we can help along the way!

Engage with SAP for go-to-market activities

If you belong to one of our partner programs (PartnerEdge Build, OEM, and more), we want to encourage you to transact your solution on the SAP App Center. This allows you to take full advantage of your SAP partnership, with joint go-to-market activities such as:

  • Marketing campaigns (customer webinars, digital marketing / banner ad campaigns, tradeshow activities, and more)
  • SAP sales force engagement on joint customer opportunities

For details regarding the SAP sales force compensation program on SAP App Center and the PE Build ePaaS program, please talk to your Partner Business Manager (PBM) or Partner Service Advisor (PSA).