Put Your Solution in the Spotlight

Get access to an exclusive suite of joint Go-to-Market  benefits aimed to boost your sales on SAP App Center.

How does the program work?

The More You Participate, the More You Receive

Partners are rated on their engagement and their performance levels. The more points you get, the faster you move up into the Spotlight Club benefits.

Performance is Key


Rotating in and out of Spotlight Club based on performance against pre-defined KPIs and is reviewed up to twice a year

Transact Through App Center

 Transact through App Center and continue to receive benefits. Top sellers have priority.


Join Now

Spotlight Club membership is by invitation only. Talk to your Line of Business contact or Partner Business Manger (PBM)There's no cost to join.


Program Benefits

Social media support/amplification to promote your solution

Networking or speaking opportunities at SAP events

Mention of your solution in targeted email campaigns 

Press release with a quote from SAP

Blog written by SAP on your solution

Pinnacle award nomination for “SAP App Center partner of the year” category

About SAP App Center

At the SAP App Center, customers around the world can discover, try, buy, deploy and manage applications developed by our partners, knowing that each app has been tested for quality and certified for integration with SAP solutions. We’re currently curating over 1,000 apps on the SAP App Center developed by partners across the globe, all designed to help SAP customers enhance and extend their enterprise and line-of-business solutions and enable partners to monetize their intellectual property.